Dance and Music

This oil painting entitled "Sueño" hangs over the family piano. It was composed and created from my photos taken of my daughter Kara while she was performing on stage in the Azores. This was her second invitation by the Azores government for selected dancers of Azorean descent who live outside Portugal. This time she was asked to collaborate with local dancers and to perform on three islands in the Azores. The program was called "Danças & Voltas com Sentido & Memória".

Waterfront Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver B. C. Maria Miranda Lawrence, exhibition titled "Inspiration" featured many dance inspired painting. The exhibition spanned from September to the end of October, 2019.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is an oil Oil painting entitled "Light and Strength" Ballet Victoria (Andrea and Paul) ( available for purchase) 2400.

"Yukita" Oil portrait of a Japanese flamenco dancer (32x42") * Available

"Flamenco dancer and guitarist"- Pastel (30x30")

"Watch our turns" acrylic (12"x12")

"Fado Guitarra" (Dan W.) acrylic-(16x20")

"Flamenco Guitarist" (Kara) acrylic -(16x20')

The above three acrylic on canvas. "Watch our turns" Portuguese folkloric dancers captured from a photo by Louise Marreiros taken before Amalia Rodrigues sang in Lagos, Portugal. Please note are three are available for sale.

"Bailadora" Pastel painting (11"x14")

"Spirit of a dancer" Watercolour (16x20")

"Forte" acrylic painting (12x24") (available)

"Stage lights" acrylic painting (20x24') (available)

"Sasha" watercolour painting (20x21"framed)

"Deliver me 1" (Miranda) 11x14 (available)

"Deliver me 2" (Miranda) 11x14" watercolour

"Deliver me 3"( Miranda) 11x14 watercolour

"Pasion Tango" Oil painting (36x48")

"Salsa Caliente" Oil painting (24x30") (available)

"Espera" acrylic (Kara)

"Tangos Flamenco"acrylic (Kara)

"Sentimento" acrylic (Kara)

"Terceira dance solo" (Kara)

"Classical Chinese dancers" Watercolour (available)

"Classical Chinese dance" Watercolour (available)

"La Luna Llena" pastel painting of Angie Duy, flamenco dancer (30x30")

"Pasada" painting to the right is an acrylic (models Amity and Estelle)

on canvas and framed (26"x38") *available

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