Focus on Nature

"Roots" -oil on canvas (22x28") (available)

"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the Sky" Khalil Gibran (Oil 54 x40") Angie Jenkins

"Picnic by the olive trees" -oil 16x20"

Commissioned by Ambrosio markets

"Plumeria" Watercolour (20x23) framed (available)

"Solitaire Peaks" - acrylic (30x40")

"A Kiss of Salt"- acrylic on canvas (12x12")

"Close to heart" - acrylic on canvas (11x14") plus frame (available)

"Neighbour in the Oak Tree" Pastel (12x12")


"Emily Carr trees - Goldstream Park"

acrylic on canvas (24x60") closeup view

"Eclectus parrot pair" (available) Watercolour(16x16")framed.

"Sunlit" -acrylic ("18x24")

"Lunchtime" - acrylic (16x16") NOA mural

"Poppies" - oil (16x20")

"Sweet nectar"- acrylic on canvas (11x14")

"Winter branches" -oil (28x22") available

Azores fields- acrylic (12x12")

"Time be still" oil painting (12x18") from photo taken on a visit in S.Miguel around 1996 (available)

"Beach treasure" Acrylic and added texture sand (16x20")

"Curiosity" Acrylic (16x20") commissioned