Steps for Commissions

Steps to Commissioning a Portrait Painting

You don't need a special occasion to commission a Portrait Painting, you can gift yourself or a loved one with a painting that celebrates the person in mind at any age, living or in memory of. You and your family will cherish the gift of art for many decades to come.

Begin the conversation, email or arrange a personal meeting with the artist.

1. First step in commissioning a Portrait Painting. Communicate your ideas, purpose, content, budget and size related to the Portrait you have in mind. This is the time to show your photo reference if you have any. The artist will make some suggestions. A photo session with the artist is preferred, but when unavailable your own photo will serve for the reference, as long as it is clear and sharp. Once you decide on the image, size, and media, the artist can determine how the painting will be designed and a cost estimate will be given with details outlined.

2. Upon agreement a contract will be drawn along with an estimated time-line and details related to the artwork will be written down. Fifty percent required as a down payment before the work begins. This will cover the materials and part of the time.

3. The Portrait Painting can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months after the first meeting. The time varies to complexity, dimensions and the individual commission requirements. When the work is completed and both parties are mutually satisfied the final payment is due upon delivery.