Commissioning a Portrait

In today's fast-paced world where images come and go, a custom designed portrait has a long lasting life. A fine art portrait will outlast most things - it is an affordable investment that will become a heirloom treasure you will be proud of, honouring personality, history, heritage and interests.

Transform a favourite photo into a work of art from your own photo collection or from a photo session with the artist. Choose your preference of media from a monochromatic look to a painterly colour representation in any size to fit a favourite spot or feature wall. Commissioning a portrait is easy to initiate, and together we will discuss the possibilities towards a completed piece you will value forever.

Oil Painting - Portrait of ballet dancer Su -Yin

"Kerry" (1954-2007) Kerry Kathleen Lambert, a very close friend of the artist selected this photo taken by her husband Matthew, as well posed for her in the art studio.

Preserve that special moment in time! Keep the memory alive with a Painted Portrait! ..mark the special time of your loved ones, in youth, engagement, wedding or the occasion of a graduation, or other achievement. Celebrate life!

Whether it is a gift for yourself or for others it will be exciting to work together towards the great reveal, you will be pleased with the results!

Steps to commissioning a Fine Art Portrait (or illustration)

Click on Steps to commissioning above, or on the drop down menu in this section. Please contact the artist if you have any other questions.

This pastel painting was referenced from individual photos, including the background. The cat in the centre passed on unexpectedly, and the family honoured him in by requesting this special portrait. "Together"

PET PORTRAITS Yes, pet portraits are a beautiful way of remembering them!

This watercolour painting was created as a surprise gift for the father of these boys, (her son). It was referenced from a studio family photo, merged with an updated shot of the boys at the beach. This painting will always serve as a reminder of her great love she has for the family. You can see and feel the joy in the calming subdued image at the beach on Vancouver Island.

A closeup of Grandma painted into a family portrait with the two grandchildren she never had the opportunity to meet in real life.

Memorial Paintings When someone special passes away, a memorial portrait honours their life and memory. Choose from your favourite photo, an image of meaning between you, or a combination of images. A memorial painting can be of any age, a special time or place you want to keep close.

Commissioning an Illustration

An Illustration is a visual representation that describes the subject or tells a story, clarifies or decorates a text or literary work. This can be for personal or for commercial use. I will be pleased to discuss your needs and follow up with an estimate.

The Skating Pond

Illustration for "Christmas Memories" Karen Culos


Ronald Chasing Bees

Illustration for "Ronald's Bug Zoo" book

Watercolour (private collection)


"The Artists" ink drawing series. Model - Kobita Sen

Ink on paper (11"x14") (private collection)