Here are some examples of Portraits by Maria Miranda Lawrence...Are you interested in commissioning your own portraits? You will find more information, click here Portraits & Commissions and Steps to Commissioning a Portrait

Children and Pets

Pastel of Shereen and Numreem

Watercolour of Steph & Josh

Watercolour of Dustin

Watercolour of 3 sisters

Pastel of Cori and Kara

"Bethany's new puppy" Watercolour (27x27) *original available including prints, cards

The following portraits were designed for a project connecting five cultures I painted the children in acrylic individually and then mounted it together on a round board, with to represent a flower, in the centre I painted a beaded flower, as the project was initiated by a member of the Metis community.

Filipino dancer

Ukranian dancer

Metis dancer

Italian dancer

Oil Portrait of Josh and Kara

Portuguese accordion player

"Connecting Culture" acrylic paintings canvas

Pastel Painting of Rowen in an oval antique frame.

In progress pastel of Rowen closeup (framed on the left)



"Michael's cat"(21x27')available

"Elmo" (16x20") pencil drawing

Boy with dad - coloured pencil

"Borrowed flowers" pastel

Personal Customized Portraiture -classical or illustrative- single or groups

"Dana" Watercolour

"Ana Lains" Oils (16x16")

"Claudia Leal" Oils (16x16")

"Evangeline's Dream" Angie Duy Watercolour

"Yukita" Oil portrait (32x42")

"Corinna" acrylic (16x20")

"Summer light" Oil (16x20")

"Angie Duy" pastel

"Sara Marreiros" oil (16x16")

"Helena"oil painting (16x16")

"Amity" pastel closeup

"Grace" framed in antique oval

"Suzana" oil painting (16x16")

"Su-Yin MacDonell" oil (16x20")

"Ana Moura" oil (16x16")

"Mariza" oil painting (16x16")

"grandparents Lawrence" pastel

"Couple" from photo Acrylic

"Kara" watercolour (11x13")

"Catarina" oil painting (16x16")