Maria Miranda Lawrence

Maria Miranda Lawrence has passion for preserving inspirational moments in time through her distinctive portraits, fine art, and illustrations. Her expressive style captures the likeness in portraits, the essence and beauty in nature, dance or music.

Born in the Azores and raised in northern B.C., from a young age she was noted for her drawing ability and won scholarships enabling her to begin a three year study of Fine Arts at Kootenay School of Art, Nelson, B.C.

Maria Miranda communicates her feelings and perception through drawing, painting, and sculpture with focus on details, textures and contrasting light and dark. She explores themes in various media to express the setting and spirit of her subjects.

In 2006, Maria Miranda Lawrence was the recipient of the Canadian national COPA award for outstanding achievement in Canadian and Portuguese Arts and Culture. Previously to this award, she was honoured to receive an invitation to "Construir Cultura -Building Culture" a week long conference held in S. Miguel, Azores on (July 6-11, 2005) which demonstrated the richness of the arts and culture of the island. A special edition book and musical CD publication resulted from this shared experience. This wonderful event also inspired a unique project, " À JANELA - THE POETIC SOUL" which won her the top Azores government grant in 2011. The series included contributions of poetry and lyrics from celebrated writers and portraits of singers to illustrate the classical window theme.

The Artist

"A lifelong attraction to the visual and performing arts, people and nature compels me to draw, paint and sculpt. I enjoy the process of creating new works, and sharing my perception with others. I strive to capture not only the likeness but spirit and character in my subjects"

"Voande no Azul" (Flying in the Blue) Maria Miranda Lawrence. S. Miguel, Azores by author and photographer, Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto. Both were invited to participate in a cultural exchange organized by the Azorean government, entitled "Construir Cultura - Building Culture".
"The ageless Fado" Painting of fadista Mariza by Maria Miranda Lawrence for the series and publication "À JANELA - THE POETIC SOUL" corresponding with the song by Diogo Clemente/Dominic Miller "Alma de vento - Soul of Wind"

Working from her studio in Victoria, B.C., Maria Miranda continues to share her vision of the world through her unique portraits and illustrations. Her art celebrates the magnificence of life as she recreates touching memories to enrich our personal surroundings. (photo by Raymond St. Arnaud)